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Kiosk systems are those that focus on working a series of processes with free software that is used, above all, in those public access points to the Internet, access or information points, vending machines, etc. It is a measure that works as a firewall so that searches are more limited and do not get to perform actions that can be harmful. Kiosk printers also use a very similar system.

The need for these printers

There are applications that need to issue or print tickets or certain information and should do so online, since it is the only point from which you can receive the data. Precisely for this type of uses it is necessary to use printers that maintain the kiosk system, so that they are not spoilt and use the information properly.

Fenix Imvico Kiosk Printers

  • The TS1700 module, small and versatile covers any industrial application. Stands out also for its easy handling and an extremely competitive price.

  • The TK18 printer is another of Fenix’s best options. It is used in vending or information points, and stands out for its low price and the high reliability that it is able to guarantee.
  • The TK55 is one of the latest models. Built-in jam-free nozzle of last generation, which guarantees the reliability of the product, and is prepared to work in harsh, demanding, and high-volume working conditions, which can lead to increased wear on the printer.
  • The PTD55 is a unique model. A ticket issuer specially designed for use in car parks and for large work volumes. It also allows the use of thick zig-zag (fanfold) paper.
  • The TK31 printer is another high-performance option we offer. 112mm paper width (4″) to print in format up to DIN A5.
  • Finally, the TS2000 module, specially designed for bus ticketing, which allows “easy” paper loading. Compact, robust, reliable and at a really affordable price.