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Fenix has been developing dedicated receipt printers for almost 35 years. Our know-how and expertise places Fenix as one of the leaders in the market in the design and manufacturing of high-tech printers, in which we employ Japanese printer mechanisms inside, from our long-term partners: Epson & Seiko Instruments.

Our printers are marketed all around Europe, USA, Israel, India, Australia, South Africa, Central & South America, and Asian countries.

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We work to help you improve the performance and quality of your electronic equipment with a wide rnge of cost-effective, durable and easy-to-use products.

Fenix provides customers with a service of quality, which has grown under below premises:

We design and manufacture our printers locally, in Europe, offering a great flexibility and competitiveness.
This allows us to offer customised products for each customers’ specifications, the possibility of manufacturing short or long series but keeping short lead-times. Values that are vital to cover the needs of our customers, nowadays.
Our thermal printers withstand high workload and respond with a great reliability under heavy-duty requirements, reducing incidences and maintenance of customers’ products

In addition to our printers, we market some other hardware products under our own brand, following the very same and strict quality control procedures as our own products. The remarkable ones are: Embedded Touch Monitors and Panel PCs, and Box PCs.

We offer a wide range of products to cover any need from our customers, especially for markets such as: Parking, Kiosk, Bus Ticketing, Weighing Scales, Instrumentation, Machinery and others. Moreover, our engineering team offers all the support our customers may require during the integration of our products, as well as post sales.

In a word, we work to help you to improve the performance and quality of your electronic equipment with a wide range of cost-effective, durable and easy-to-use products.

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