Fenix Imvico – TK18 High-reliability and low-cost kiosk printer


TK18 is the ideal solution for those applications in which a low-cost printer is a must.

Designed extremely small and compact to fit into limited spaces and easy integration structures.

Reability at the best price is the key of its success.


Unattended terminals
POI & Internet access Kiosks
Self-service and Vending Machines
Industrial ticketing applications

Remarkable features

Technical specifications

  • Ultra small, compact and lightweight design
  • Excellent performance
  • High printing speed
  • Supports paper thickness up to 125um
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Printing adjustments: speed, density and consumption
  • European PC437 character set table
  • List of commands compatible to Epson ECS/POS TM protocol
  • Supports EAN13, CODE39, CODE128, ITF, QR and AZTEC barcodes
  • Allows logos downloading
  • Allows firmware upgrades
  • Allows character set tables downloading
  • Windows and Linux drivers available
Model TK18-58/12
Printing method Thermal line dot system
Data interfaces RS232C and USB
Dot composition/line 384
Resolution (dpi) 8
Maximum printing speed (mm/s) 62,5
Power supply 12 to 24VDC
Paper width (mm) 58
Reliability 100 million pulse activation or more (1)
Abrasion resistance of 50Km or more
500.000 cuts
Operating temperature range (ºC) -30 to 70 (non condensing)
Maximum paper roll diamter (mm) 80
Inner core diameter (mm) 25
Paper length (m) 80
OUT of paper detection via photo interrupter
LOW paper detection via photo interrupter
Dimensions WxDxH(2) ???x???x???
Weight (gr) ???

(1) 12,5% print ratio (2) Dimensions do not include paper roll.


Code Description
T58X80X25 Thermal paper roll
FAPOS-1/4 Power supply
USB-3 Standard type B USB cable

Order information


S: Built-in DB9 serial & power supply cables
U: Built-in Power supply cable
nil: standard type
F: Built-in black mark sensor (sensor + bracket)
X: customised type (under agreement only)