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When we visit a pharmacy we can find a wide variety of services within our reach, in addition to the essential one that is to buy medicines. One of these related services is weighing scales for people, which provide useful information to people about their health.

The manufacturers of the weighing scales for people need a small size and reliability, at an affordable price that allows to make their equipment competitive.

In this article, we will speak about the printers for electronic weighing scales that we provide in Fenix ​​Imvico.

Impresora Bascula pesapersonas FI

Printers for electronic weighing scales for people from Fenix Imvico

The printers that we provide in Fenix ​​Imvico combine the perfect size with reliability and an affordable price. Among our available range, we highlight the following models:

  • TS1700. Thermal printing module of small size. This feature provides great versatility, so it is an ideal element that meets any target within the various applications in which can fit.
  • TK18. What makes this printer bright is its low cost. Based on our TS1700, it is small and compact and fits perfectly in tight spaces, so it can be adapted to any type of weighing scale design.
  • TK55. This kiosk printer is built-in a latest generation anti-jamming nozzle specific for thick paper. In this way, secure delivery of receipts and tickets in applications addressed to the public is guaranteed.
  • TS2000. High performance thermal printing module. Same as above mentioned products, it offers a high performance in applications that require reliability and an affordable price. It fits in any space.

Whenever you need a ticket printer for electronic weighing scales for people of pharmacy, do not hesitate to address to Fenix ​​Imvico. We are professionals in the field and we manufacture the best printers to guarantee an excellent service in each application.

If you want to know more about a product or application, contact us.

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