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The vending and self-pay machines field is faced with two challenges when manufacturing its machinery: a high volume of work and exposure to outdoor environments. On many occasions, this can be an inconvenience for the performance of vending and self-pay printers. But in the case of Fénix Imvico, we assure you reliability and a design created specifically to approve these tasks with a grade.

Below we show you some of our products in this field:

Printers for vending and self-pay machines from Fenix Imvico

TS1700 Impresora Destacada


Thermal printing module

Being the latest Fenix ​​innovation in the field, it is small in size and its features and versatility of use help make it the ideal module for all types of applications. These can be from unattended terminals to industrial applications, through vending and self-service machines.

Tk18 Impresora Destacada


Low-cost kiosk printer

Its design is extremely small, which makes it really useful when fitting into small spaces and structures that require easy integration. The key to its success is, precisely, the reliability it has and its reduced price. Its applications, similar to TS1700, can range from unattended terminals, information points and internet access kiosks, to industrial applications.

TK55 - Fenix Imvico


Heavy duty kiosk printer

For professional uses, it offers a high level of performance and reliability and makes it the ideal solution for the toughest and most demanding environments. It is a compact printer, robust and with different paper holders, which application in POI and internet access kiosks, make it one of the best in the market.

At Fenix ​​Imvico we assure you the best products. We are professionals in the ticket printer manufacturing field and we will be happy to assist and inform you about the solutions that help you achieve with our products. Contact us to learn more.

If you want to know more about a product or application, contact us.

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