PTD55 dispensador validador

Parking Tickets Dispenser

The new PTD55 series is a dedicated Parking Ticket Dispenser for heavy-duty professional parking applications, or applications where thick paper tickets is required.

Its excellent performance, jam-free metal nozzle and fanfold printing capability put PTD55 as unique device for parking ticket dispensation in the market today, as embedded unit.

Fénix Imvico, S.A.

Remarkable Features

  • Compact and robust design
  • Excellent performance & reliability
  • High-quality barcode printouts
  • Capable to print on protection-coated papers for hard environment outdoor applications
  • Designed to handle standard fanfold (zig-zag) thick parking ticketing papers
  • Serial RS232C, or USB data input interface on-board
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Remarkable commands::

    • Command list compatible to Epson ESC/POS™ protocol
    • 12×24 and 8×16 dot font sizes
    • Scalable fonts (independent scale in X / Y axis) up to 64 times
    • Bold, reverse and underline printing features
    • Character and line spacing programmable
    • Complex graphic bitmap printing
    • EAN13, CODE39, CODE128 and IFT barcode formats
    • 2D Barcodes: QR, AZTEC
    • Logos download function
    • Character tables download function
    • Upgrades of firmware via communication ports
    • Self-test, hexadecimal and configuration modes
  • Windows and Linux OS drivers and demo/configuration programs available

Technical specifications

Printing method
Thermal line dot system
Printer engine
Data Interface
RS232C & USB
Dot composition/line
Resolution (dpi)
Printing speed (mm/s)
250 max.
Paper width (mm)
Out of paper detection
Near-end paper detection
Photodetector (optional)
Black mark detection
Reflecting photodetector
Paper-jam detection
Reflecting photodetector
Ticket pick-up detection
Operating voltage (VDC)
Fiabilidad, (1) *A* Minimum pulse activation
Reliability, *Minimum abrasion resistance
100Km or more
Autocutter lifetime (cortes)
1.000.000 cuts or more
Operating ambient temperature(ºC)
-20 to 70 (non condensing)
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)
125 x 127 x 108
Weight (g)