Fenix Imvico – PTD55 Parking ticket dispenser for thick paper


The new PTD55 series is a dedicated Parking Ticket Dispenser for heavy-duty professional parking applications, or applications where thick paper tickets is required.

Its excellent performance, jam-free metal nozzle and fanfold printing capability put PTD55 as unique device for parking ticket dispensation in the market today, as embedded unit.


Parking Facilities
Underground Garages
Parking Lots
Other thick paper tickets applications

Remarkable features

  • Compact and robust design
  • Excellent performance & reliability
  • High-quality barcode printouts
  • Capable to print on protection-coated papers for hard environment outdoor applications
  • Designed to handle standard fanfold (zig-zag) thick parking ticketing papers
  • Serial RS232C, or USB data input interface on-board
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Remarkable commands:

Command list compatible to Epson ESC/POS™ protocol
12×24 and 8×16 dot font sizes
Scalable fonts (independent scale in X / Y axis) up to 64 times
Bold, reverse and underline printing features
Character and line spacing programmable
Complex graphic bitmap printing
EAN13, CODE39, CODE128 and IFT barcode formats
EAN13, CODE39, CODE128 and IFT barcode formats
Logos download function
Character tables download function
Upgrades of firmware via communication ports
Self-test, hexadecimal and configuration modes

  • Windows and Linux OS drivers and demo/configuration programs available

Technical specifications

Printing methodThermal line dot system
Printer engineEPSON M-T522IIA
Data InterfaceRS232C or USB
Dot composition/line432
Resolution (dpi)203
Printing speed (mm/s)250 max.
Paper width (mm)54
Out of paper detectionPhotodetector
Near-end paper detectionPhotodetector (optional)
Black mark detectionReflecting photodetecto
Paper-jam detectionReflecting photodetecto
Ticket pick-up detectionPhotodetector
Operating voltage (VDC)24
Operating ambient temperature (ºC)-20 to 70 (non condensing)
Fiabilidad, (1) *A*Minimum pulse activation100.000.000
Reliability, *Minimum abrasion resistance100Km or more
Autocutter lifetime1.000.000 cuts or more
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)125 x 127 x 108
Weight (g)900


FAPOS-1Power supply
RS232-5Serial port cable 1,5m
USB-1USB port cable

Order information


S: Built-in RS232C port
U: Built-in USB port
nil: Standard type
XX: Customerized (under agreement only)