PTD100 Parking Ticket Dispenser

Parking Ticket Dispenser

The new PTD100 series is a dedicated Parking Ticket Dispenser for heavy-duty professional parking applications, or applications where thick paper tickets are required.

Its excellent performance, jam-free metal nozzle and fanfold printing capability put PTD100 as an outstanding embedded device in the market today for parking tickets dispensation.

Fénix Imvico, S.A.

Remarkable Features

  • Compact & robust design
  • Excellent performance & reliability
  • High-quality barcode printouts
  • Capable to print on coated thick papers for hard environment outdoor applications
  • Designed to support standard fanfold (zig-zag) thick parking tickets 54x85mm
  • Last generation and high-efficient jam-free illuminated nozzle
  • 280mm/s speed, 24Vdc powered, -20ºC to +60ºC operating temperature range

  • Logos, firmware upgrades and multi-language character tables upload function
  • Windows and Linux OS drivers and demo/configuration programs available

Technical specifications

Printing method
Thermal line dot system
Printer engine
Seiko CAPM347
Data Interface
RS232C & USB
Dot composition/line
Resolution (dpi)
Printing speed (mm/s)
280 max.
Paper width (mm)
Out of paper detection
Near-end paper detection (optional)
Black mark detection
Ticket pick-up detection
Operating voltage (VDC)
Operating ambient temperature (ºC)
-20 to 60 (non condensing)
Reliability (1) *Pulse activation *Abrasion resistance
150.000.000 or more
150Km or more
Autocutter lifetime (cortes)
1.500.000 cuts or more
Paper thickness range (µm)
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)
Weight (g)

(1) : Excluded when the same dots are printed continuously. Life span of activation pulse resistance for specified thermal paper, TL69KS-LH (Nippon Paper) and KIP370 (KSP), is 150 million pulses or more. Excluding damage caused by dust and foreign materials. Life span of abrasion resistance for specified thermal paper, TL69KS-LH (Nippon Paper) and KIP370 (KSP), is 150 km or more. In the cases that the paper set position is at one side alignment (paper width 58mm, 60mm), life span of abrasion resistance is 100 km or more. (All specified thermal paper)