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Kiosk thermal printers are an excellent alternative for equipment that requires fast and reliable printing. But, in what environments is this particular type of printer recommended?

Although there is a wide range of possibilities, the most common are:

  • Parking lots and garages, where parking access tickets and corresponding payment receipts are printed.
    Printers for electronic weighing scales. These tickets usually include information such as weight, price, product name and barcodes, among other relevant data.
  • Industrial machinery. We are talking, for example, about the need to print product tracking labels, parts identification, instructions and other labels necessary for production management and control.
  • Information and access kiosks. It includes their placement in airports, train stations, shopping malls, theme parks, museums, and other places where user interaction is required.
  • Vending and self-pay machines. They generate receipts that often contain information about the transaction, such as the number of items purchased, the total price, the payment method, and other relevant details. In addition, receipts may also include promotional information, such as coupons and discounts for future purchases.
  • Unattended terminals. This is a wide field and can cover both entrance tickets to shows, as well as receipts for gas stations, ATMs, among other examples.

Improved features in the KTP series thermal kiosk printer

We are aware that market needs are changing. In addition, advances in technology allow us to incorporate more competitive functions to meet the requirements of each application.

For this reason, at Fenix Imvico we are committed to the continuos improvement of our products. In this case, the KTP series thermal kiosk printer takes a step forward, standing out for such significant features as the following:

  • High printing speed up to 300mm/s.
  • Easy paper loading operation.
  • Last generation and high efficiency jam-free illuminated nozzle.
  • Ultra high reliability: 200 Km abrasion resistance, and minimum 2 million cuts.
  • Functional, compact and robust design for unattended outdoor applications.

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