Supports Seiko LTP/CAP9000 printer & cutter mechanism

High-performance, reliable interface board to drive thermal printer mechanism & autocutter LTP/CAP9000 series from Seiko Instruments.

Fenix Imvico

Remarkable Features

  • Printing speed up to 250 mm/s

  • Printing adjustments: speed, density and consumption
  • Operating errors auto-detection
  • Interface parameters configurable via software
  • European standard PC437 character table
  • Command list compatible to Epson ESC/POS™ protocol
  • Two different font sizes; 12×24 and 8×16 dots
  • 512Kbyte input data buffer

  • Character and line spacing programmable
  • Mixing of attributes in the same line: double width and/or height
  • Scalable fonts (independent scale in X / Y axis) up to 64 times
  • Bold and reverse printing features
  • Graphic bitmap printing feature
  • EAN13, CODE39, CODE128 and ITF barcode formats
  • Windows & Linux drivers and demo/configuration program available
  • Self test, hexadecimal and configuration modes
  • Logos, firmware upgrades and multi-language character tables download capability

Order information


S = serial RS232C port

P = IEEE1284 parallel port
U = USB port
xx= customised type (under agreement only)

Technical specifications

Supported printer mechanism
Seiko LTP/CAP9000 series
Data communication ports
Serial RS232C, or IEEE1284 parallel, or USB
Operating voltage
Operating Temperature range
-20ºc to 60ºc
109 x 91mm
Fenix Imvico imago
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