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It is undeniable that the traffic of people and vehicles in cities is very high, and increasingly the streets require parking meters to manage the parking of vehicles on public roads. Also, it is essential that the printer used is fast, efficient, low-power consumption and hardly requires maintenance. That is, to offer good benefits.

In the following article we give you the information you need about our parking meters printers.

The printers for parking meters from Fenix Imvico

Among the printers in our range we can highlight two models, specially designed for parking meters, so their features and performance are excellent..

TS1700 Impresora Destacada


On the one hand, the TS1700 printing module has a very small size, it is very versatile and thanks to this it turns into an ideal device not only for parking meters, but for all kinds of applications.

Tk18 Impresora Destacada


Another of our options is the low cost TK18PR printer. Based on the TS1700 module, it incorporates paper support while still maintaining a small size so it can be incorporated into small terminals, and easily integrated.

Both options require a low energy consumption, indispensable for this type of applications that are sunlight powered. In addition, they allow 90º installation (vertical position), essential for shallow applications.

With these printers we assure you a reliable service and also at a low cost.

At Fenix Imvico we manufacture and distribute a wide range of thermal printing mechanisms and printers of all types. In addition, we have a Hardware division for the parking, kiosk, bus ticketing markets, and other applications.

We are prepared to offer support and solutions to your needs. If you need more information about our parking meter printers, contact our company and we will give you all the information you need, and a quality personalized advice.

If you want to know more about a product or application, contact us.

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