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On what basis would you decide to buy a ticket printer for your equipment?

Here’s a guide to choosing a trusted provider, as well as specific indications to keep in mind to optimize performance.

3 features your printer must meet

Taking into account these three essential requirements, we can confirm our ticket printers are optimal for the development of equipment. Price is one of our pillars so that you can develop and manufacture competitive equipment. But the most important thing is that we do not sacrifice the other two features for the price, offering a low cost and high performance product.

Your equipment and needs will determine the most convenient ticket printer

Depending on the requirements of the product and your application, the following determining factors will help you to decide which model or series is best suited for your needs:

  • Type of printing: Although there are different printing methods, thermal printers are faster and quieter, and that is why they are the most common Here you can see our catalogue.
  • Printing speed: Important if there is a high volume of work. Our receipt printers incorporate presenter module or anti-jam nozzles to ensure that there are no stops due to paper jams.
Qué buscar al escoger una impresora de tickets para tus equipos
  • Connectivity: Different communication ports to connect your printer from any device, and different drivers to work in Windows or Linux environments by cable to a PCBox. We also offer a package of SDK-type tools so that you become familiar with your printer and access its main functions quickly and easily.
  • Size and design: Depending on the available room in the equipment you are manufacturing, we can guide you in which model best fits.
    Printing quality: That is, that tickets are clear and easy to read. Pay attention to details and look at the resolution of the print-out. Also make sure you choose high-quality paper.

Instead of adapting your needs to the market offer, Fenix Imvico goes a step further and offers a wide range of technical features so that you get the best solution at the lowest price possible.

Feel free to contact us, and request more information without obligation.

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