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The thermal printing mechanisms are present in a large number of industrial equipment and kiosk terminals (attended or unattended), an essential device so that they can fulfill their functions efficiently.

That’s why, at Fenix Imvico, we manufacture our printing mechanism kits with the objetive of satisfying the user with optimal long-term performance, fast free of maintenance.

In this article we introduce our thermal printing mechanism kits.

The thermal printing mechanism Kits from Fénix Imvico

Fenix Imvico offers two types of thermal printing mechanism kits: low cost and high performance.

Although this classification is quite intuitive, there are important differences between both:



The Low Cost Thermal Printing Mechanism Kit (TPS1750) is one of the best solutions when a thermal printer, at a contained price, is required. It is a kit with a very small and compact design, specially designed for limited spaces and easy design-in structures. Our kit consists of a block of printing mechanism with autocutter, and a separate interface card.

TPS55 Kit mecanismo de impresora de alto rendimiento


The high performance thermal printing mechanism kit (TPS55), on the other hand, is the latest addition to our catalog, especially suitable for large workloads for professional use. It is the best solution for demanding and hard environments and includes the printing block of mechanism with autocutter, and a separate interface card.

These Kits can be integrated into any type of industrial and electro-medical equipment, payment terminals, access and information kiosks, self-service machines, etcetera.

In Fenix Imvico we care about always providing everything you need in accordance to your needs, this way we can meet any type of application and requirements.

We are a company specialized in printing with many years of experience behind us, so you can fully rely on all the products we offer.

If you need further information, you can request it by contacting us.

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