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Unlike conventional printers, thermal printers use thermal sensitive paper for printing, without the need for resorting to impact, thanks to the so-called thermal paper.

For this reason, they are ideal for integrating in parking systems, bus ticket machines, auto-pay vending machines or any other system that requires to issue tickets and / or receipts.

Our thermal printers stand out by their small dimensions, as well as the great performance and versatility to be integrated into different devices.


Under the protection of the most demanding control standards and thanks to the quality of its components, our thermal printers are able to withstand high workloads, always providing reliable functionality.

Without ink

By using this type of thermal printers, those operating system responsible will only have to be aware of the remaining paper left, since this type of printing does not require ink.

This greatly reduces maintenance costs and management.

High speed

Another advantage is the high printing speed of these devices, thus favouring the daily operation work to which these thermal printers are addressed to.

More advantages

In addition to the above, thermal printers have more advantages. They are quiet and perfectly compact.

With intuitive management, they are easy to use and integrate into systems, something that engineers and manufacturers appreciate.

Shifting to these types of printers is an investment that will get you back quickly thanks to the considerable economic savings of not having to count on the expensive inks that always make this type of operations expensive.

In short, the result of an ambitious research and development process, thermal printers are an option of great interest in favor of productive efficiency in ticket and receipt systems.

According to specific needs of each customer, at Fenix ​​Imvico we have a wide catalog of thermal printers to satisfy any demand.

If you want to know more about a product or application, contact us.

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