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We are pleased to introduce our new parking ticket validation system PTV100, specially designed for parking lots and underground garages.

In particular, we highlight its all-in-one design, as it incorporates both a scanner reader to validate tickets and a thermal printer to print receipts. By incorporating both systems into a single device, integration is quick and easy.

In addition, it is small and compact, so it takes up little space. It also offers functions of total customization of the printing parameters.

But most important, it also has benefits for users once it is installed and running.

What additional advantages does this validation system provide in car parks?

One of the most relevant advantages is that it offers extraordinary speed when entering and exiting parking lots. This is important because it avoids the long queues that are so common at peak times in a large number of car parks.

Why is it faster than other traditional systems?

Because, instead of inserting the parking ticket into the slot of the machine, it is enough to approach it to the scanner reader to validate the ticket, or for the barrier to open, depending on the application. And, as this scanner is 2D, it also reads QR, AZTEC or PD417 bar codes. These 2D codes have the virtue that they are read perfectly regardless of the position in which they are read.

PTV100 máquina ticket parking

Being honest, how many times have you seen that the driver has positioned himself away from the ticket validator and has to open the car door to get closer, thus slowing down the pace of the queue? This problem is completely avoided with the PTV100.

In addition, this parking validation system has a built-in acoustic indicator that approves the correct reading of the ticket, thus giving a sign of confidence to the parking user.

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