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Point-of-Sale terminals, better known by their acronym POS, bring countless advantages to business. Thanks to their data processing, they reduce management and organization times more efficiently and quickly. But what can you do if you fail to issue the receipt? Here we tell you what unforeseen events you can find with POS printers and how to fix them.

POS printers are highly reliable

One of the advantages we offer at Fenix ​​Imvico is that our POS printers work using thermal technology, so no ink is required, which reduces the need for consumables. In addition, they hardly require maintenance. And, although we may encounter some inconveniences that make our printer not to work properly, it is important to clarify that any of them is totally avoidable. The solution always involves having a bit of foresight.

Your printer may not perform its functions correctly for the following reasons:

Note that in many cases, it may also be a problem coming from the POS software or hardware, and not from the printer itself.

Whether you require POS printers or any other devices for your equipment, Fenix Imvico offers solutions to what you need. Feel free to contact us.

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