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Printers, whatever their type, have always been built to respond to key features of use and functionality. As an example, thermal printers are recognized for their precision, speed and reliability, which are the reasons why they become an option widely used in various fields and industrial sectors. In this article we want to sum up the key features of printers.

Precision and reliability: key factors in printing

The printers that we design and manufacture in Fenix ​​Imvico have a set of features that make them more effective and resistant elements than other types of printer that we can find in the market.

They are especially designed to be able to work in many environmental conditions, not always easy, being able to perform their functions for 24 hours a day.

In addition, Fenix ​​Imvico printers are especially fast and efficient.

However, something that makes a printer particularly suitable and valued is its precision and reliability. In our company we have many different types of printer (kiosk, panel, POS, etcetera) so that we can offer solutions to all kinds of applications, such as parking, unattended terminals, information kiosks, electronic weighing scales, ATMs, among others.

It makes a difference that a printer is precise, fast and reliable, and all this optimizes the maintenance of the equipment. It also makes it easier the quality of the service to be superior.

TS1700 Impresora Destacada

Fenix Imvico, as a manufacturer of thermal printers for tickets and receipts, produces and distributes a wide range of printers, allowing us to respond to the markets of parking, kiosk, bus ticketing, instrumentation, etc.

We cover most of the needs of different potential companies, looking for the right solutions through our engineering and hardware long know-how.

To request information about our printers and our services, you can contact us.

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