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In the field of the development of industrial equipment, engineering and manufacturer companies often realise they need equipment to ensure a great resistance, versatility and, in turn, that they are completely reliable for the required needs. High performance industrial electronics solutions ready to respond even in the most aggressive and demanding environments.

The printers and electronic equipment offered by Fenix Imvico always have a quality guarantee.

Industrial electronics and printers from Fenix Imvico

In our company we have different types of printers to adapt to the development of different functions, and that is why our products can be applied successfully in very wide areas.

The kiosk printers are the perfect element if we look for versatility and functionality in equal parts. They are specially designed to be installed in kiosk terminals and we have a variety so that each customer can choose the one that best fit the functions they should perform. Our reference KS55, for example, is a model with guaranteed results in industrial applications.

On the other hand, thermal panel printers are designed in various formats to ensure easy integration, with a wide range of industrial electronic solutions ideal for applications that require a low-cost but high-performance printer. The EPC1800 or PN10 models are some of the most used references among the companies that manufacture electro-medicine and industrial machinery.

Electrónica industrial de altas prestaciones

In Fenix Imvico we also offer low-cost kits (printer mechanism and interface controller) so we cover almost any industrial specialty where you need a quality thermal printer.

Our company always seeks to offer you the best products and the broadest features in each of its printers. You can ask us for information about it by clicking on the contact button, by mail or by calling us on the phone number you can find on this web page.

If you are looking for high performance industrial electronics solutions, consult the Fenix Imvico range of thermal printers.

If you want to know more about a product or application, contact us.

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