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From Fenix Imvico we introduce a new line of products: BOX PC.

Box PCs are industrial computers with a multitude of features that manage the operation of unattended terminals. Built-in Intel Celeron J1900 or Core I5 CPUs.

Below we will tell you more about their technical features and the benefits they provide for Companies.

What advantatges do Fenix Imvico Box PCs offer?

To start, they are encapsulated in an aluminium alloy case. This system allows them to be more resistant, more robust and more protected by isolating them from dust and other particles in the air that could damage them.

t is also worth noting the large number of heatsinks on top, as these Box PCs are “fanless” type. A heatsink is the instrument used to lower the CPU temperature by means of the thermodynamics zero law. In this way, heat escapes from the CPU allowing it to continue its operation at high performance, without interruption. Still, Box PCs have a very wide working temperature range without the need for any forced mechanical ventilation.

In addition, they are high comfort devices for the operator because their connectivity is excellent. They have numerous COM, USB, HDMI, LAN ports and multiple I/O