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The incorporation of unattended terminals in hospitals has been a before and after. Now more than ever, after the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been shown that technological advances make room for real solutions in a field as sensitive as healthcare.

Functions of unattended terminals in hospitals

One lesson learned is that people accumulations can be dangerous, especially in hospitals or medical centers where there are those who suffer from viral and contagious diseases. By using unattended terminals, huge queues at the counters are avoided.

Of course, human personnel are irreplaceable for many tasks. The goal of our technology is to relieve workers of routine tasks and empower them to deliver the quality care that patients deserve.

Among other information of interest, the tickets issued provide information about the consulting rooms patients should address to and the time of their appointment. They also provide a code through which patients can check on the waiting room monitors when they can go for consultation.

However, the software on these terminals is customized normally and can be programmed to offer other benefits, such as avoiding ticket dispensing if patients shows up too early for their appointment. Or, in the case of medical personnel, find out who is waiting for your call and who did not show up.

Which Fenix Imvico devices do unattended terminals require?

Unattended terminals work thanks to the combination of 3 elements, among others, that our company can provide:

Maquinaria industrial para hospital

If your company develops unattended terminals for hospitals or medical centers, we can supply these necessary devices.

If you want to know more about a product or application, contact us.

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