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Thermal printers are those that use heat as a medium for printing on a heat sensitive paper, the popular “thermal paper”, unlike other printing technologies, such as impact, ink, laser, etc.

In this article we explain the features and advantages of thermal printers.

Features of thermal printers

Of all the features of thermal printers, we want to highlight the ones below:

  • The thermal head is responsible for capturing the image or text on paper. It has some resistances that are heated to transmit that heat on the thermal paper, which reacts chemically to that heat.
  • Generally, printing is in black, although by controlling the image frame (density) the visual effect of different tonalities in grey is achieved.
  • Their main usage is barcodes, tickets or receipts printing. Therefore, the ideal solution for information and access kiosks, parking and parking meters, bus ticketing, industry and a long list of other applications.

Advantages of thermal printers

Due to the features mentioned above, thermal printers offer certain advantages:

  • They are so cheap. As they do not use ink or ribbon, the only consumable part that needs to be replaced is paper. In addition, they are almost free from maintenance.
  • They are silent and precise, barely perceptible because there are no percussion mechanisms in them. And free from internal paper jams, thanks to a simple design concept.
Impresora TPV SM3000
  • They are small and compact, so any device design can easily integrate them.
  • They are reliable and of high quality and durability, as well as simple and clean.

As it can be seen, thermal printers have outstanding features that engineers and developers look for when integrating them into their machinery, when they must emit any kind of printing.

At Fenix Imvico we are professionals in the field of thermal kiosk and panel printers, and we offer our own design and manufacturing solutions.

If you need further information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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