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Whether to advertise in a showcase or give accurate information in an information kiosk, nowadays monitors are a very useful tool to capture the attention of the general public. Specifically, our TFT touch monitors offer users the ability to receive valuable information interactively. They are ideal for tourist information points, cash dispensers or shop windows. This way, we make sure customers are taken care of in some way or another, because, if there is little staff or is busy, TFT monitors can transmit information that employee can not at that certain time.

In addition, with our screens it is possible get connected to the collection system of the store and facilitate payment of customers, without the need for intermediaries. The possibilities are endless.

Competitive advantages of our touch monitors

At Fenix, we seek to create high-performance products of unsurpassable quality. That is why, our TFT monitors incorporate a high-quality touch screen with ultrasonic transducers, which provides immediate and fault-free detection of tactile commands. In addition, touch screens are coated with a vandalism glass of up to 6 mm to protect it from shocks, liquids and scratches, which makes it ideal for environments that require resistance.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the compatibility with all technological brands in the market, as well as with Windows and Linux operating systems. They also withstand high temperatures, up to 50º, and works perfectly at heights of up to 3,000 meters.

Our range of touch monitors offers different screen dimensions, to suit your needs. These range from 12.1 to 22 “, but if you need a larger or smaller format you can order it under availability. In addition, if you only need a monitor as decoration or visual information, it is possible to order it without touch screen and continue to enjoy the quality of our TFT monitors.

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