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POS printers (Point of Sales) are those that, as the name suggests, are used in points of sales for the printing of receipts, which are usually found in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. in which speed and reliability are necessary at all times. In the next article we will talk about POS printers.

Features of a POS printer

POS printers must be fast and reliable, so that it does not turn out to be a concern for the user when it comes to printing any type of receipt.
In addition, they require high quality printing, a necessary feature when it comes to delivering a receipt for an economic transaction.

The speed and the printing quality are not the only requirements for this type of printers, they must also be able to print barcodes, logos and graphics, without showing any type of failure or defect in the printout.
In Fenix Imvico we have a last-generation POS printer model: The SM3000.

Impresora TPV SM3000

It is a high performance thermal printer designed especially for the POS. It has an excellent printing speed and a large paper capacity, as well as a robust design ideal for any application of large volume of receipts.

As for the features of the printer, it allows to print barcodes, logos and graphics in high resolution, fonts of various sizes and complies with functions of underlining, bold and reverse among others. It includes firmware updates and fonts loading through the communication port.

At Fenix Imvico, we bring you the solutions you need in POS printers, meeting exactly your requirements. You can request more information by contacting us through the button.

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