Heavy-duty Kiosk Printer built-in Jam-free Dispenser Nozzle

Heavy-duty Kiosk Printer built-in Jam-free Dispenser Nozzle

Our KTP80 is a truly compact professional Kiosk printer built-in jam-free dispenser nozzle for applications addressed to the public.

Ultra fast printing speed of 300mnm/s, adjustable paper width from 54 to 83mm and easy paper charge operation. These are the main keys of a printer born to be the market leader.

Main Applications

POI & Unattended payment terminals
Self-service & Vending Kiosks

Remarkable features

  • Compact & robust design
  • Excellent performance & reliability; up to 200Km & 2 millions cuts
  • Paper width adjustable from 54mm to 83mm
  • Ultra high printing speed of 300mm/s
  • 24Vdc powered, -20ºC to +60ºC operating temperature range
  • 3 different adjustable paper roll holders to fit into limited spaces
  • LED Illuminated bezel
  • High-quality 1D & 2D barcode printouts
  • Logos, firmware upgrades and multi-language character tables upload function
  • Windows and Linux OS drivers available

Technical specifications

Model KTP80
Printing method  Thermal line dot system
Printer engines  Seiko CAPM347
Data Interface  RS232C & USB
Dot composition/line  640 max.
Resolution (dpi)  203
Printing speed (mm/s)  300 max.
 Paper width (mm)  54 to 83
 Out of paper detection  Photodetector
 Near-end paper detection  Photodetector
 Black mark detection  Photodetector
 Paper-jam detection  Photodetector
 Ticket pick-up detection  Photodetector
 Operating voltage (VDC)  24
 Operating ambient temperature (ºC)  -20 to 60 (non condensing)
Reliability: pulse activation
Reliability: abrasion resistance
 minimum 200.000.000
minimum 200Km
 Autocutter lifetime (cuts)  2.000.000 or more
 Paper roll diameter (mm) Up to 100, 150 or 230
Paper thickness range (µm)  54~90
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) (1)  118 x 108 x 103
 Weight (g) (2)  1200

(1) Dimensions and weight do not include paper roll or paper holder


Code Description
FAPOS-1  Power supply
RS232-5  Serial port cable 1,5m
 USB-1  USB port cable 1,5m

How to order


x=nil  Standard type
x=T Thick paper type 100 to 150 µm (on request)
y=nil Standard type
y=xx Custom-made type (under agreement only)